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Interact your Pandas AI Dataframes to LLMs


BY MA Raza / ON Apr 30, 2023

In this article, we will explore the process of creating a Chat App using LangChain, OpenAI API, and Streamlit frameworks. To deploy the App, we will demonstrate the use of Docker and Docker-Compose for easy deployment on either in-house or cloud servers. When creating docker images, often the size of the image and the speed of generating images are critical. We have also deployed a demo app on Streamlit Public Cloud and Google App Engine for a quick preview.

The following features are added to our original Article.

  1. Docker Image Generation Optimisation
  2. Deploying the App using Google Cloud Run

We’ve developed a GitHub project that includes comprehensive instructions and a demo Chat App that runs on LangChain. We’ve also configured the Poetry framework for the Python Environment Manager.

Build & Deploy LangChain Powered Chat App with Docker & Streamlit

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